EER006: Hate Male - "Reversible Tape #1"

"Reversible Tape #1" is a complete headfuck of noise and atonality. Hate Male blends eerie, cacophonic noise and microtonal progression to create one of the most unsettling but morbidly addictive pieces I've heard. The evilest thing to come out of Somerset since The Wurzels.
C58. Limited to 31 copies.
Price: £2.50

EER005: Izanami's Labour Pains - "The Life and Demise of Yoshiko Kawashima"

German noise with an affinity for Japanese culture and harshness, this C21 is a three-track tribute to ex-spy Yoshiko Kawashima, executed in 1948. Masterful use of texture and movement, biblically harsh, and samples of mutilated traditional Japanese music for good measure.

C21. Limited to 42 copies.
Price: £2.50

EER004: Endometrium Cuntplow - "Handle Your Stress/Recover Your Illness"

Harsh, flowing, Californian noise. Constantly moving and constantly harsh; as progressive as it is abusive. Cut-and-paste, hand-made artwork by Ear Ear Records.

C27. Limited to 23 copies.
Price: £2.50

EER007: Jason "Evil" Covelli - "The Joys of Perversions"
Ear Ear's first adventure outside harsh noise. A spoken word tape addressing the evilest corners of Jason Covelli's brain. Expect intensity.
C30. Limited to 13 copies.
Coming: TBA

EER008: Hostage Pageant - "Mosquito Orgy"
Dirty and harsh Virginian noise with dark undertones. A brain-damaging experience with frequency and atmosphere; heavy stuff.
C20. Limited to 22 copies.
Coming: TBA

EER009: Zebra Mu - "Extinction Vol. 4"
The Norwich noise Merlin that is Zebra Mu brings the fourth installment in the "Extinction" series to Ear Ear Records. Treading fine line between noise and sound art, Zebra Mu has taken a step up in terms of definition and refinery.
C24. Limited to 53 copies.
Coming: TBA


EER010: V/A - "We Are Sanity. We, the Insane."
A compilation full of respected and more obscure noise artists. The original idea of a DVD looks unlikely, but this will happen, and will be quite a big project.
Limited to 100 copies.

EER001: Zebra Mu - "Cull"
Single-sided C34.
Limited to 11 copies.

EER002: Dylan Palme - "Lobotomy"
Limited to 14 copies.

EER003: Bruital Orgasm/Orgasm Denial - "Bruital Orgasm Denial"
Limited to 26 copies.

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