Distro List (updated 16th Aug 2010)

7" (£3)
Macronympha - "Diseased Erotica"

CD/CD-R (£3)
Dmah/Ekunhaashaastaack - "To the Prettiest One"
Kenji Siratori - "Zenka I"
RedSK/Boar - "Split"
V/A - Impetus Vol. 1: International Multigenre Anti-Fascist Compilation
Where Is This - "Elegant Domesticity"

3" CD (£2.50)
1 + 1 = A Window - "Generations of Nothing"
Hal Hutchinson - "Amplifications"
My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone/My TV Hurts - "Split"
The Shock Technician/Zebra Mu - "Split"

Tape (£2.50)
hhhhh - "Interested in Hair"
Meatgrinder - "Night of the Long Pig"
Suburban Howl - "Green Death"


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