Tuesday, 16 February 2010

About Ear Ear

Ear Ear Records formed in February 2010, out of the ashes of Derry Air Records by Sam Hunt.

I lacked funds to keep what I was doing with Derry Air alive, so I decided to set another label up and focus on noise. It's hard funding records that no one wants to buy.

Noise is the purest form of music. Noise has no stereotypes, no nazi-like followers, no extraneous adherences. Noise fans don't have to dress a certain way or have stereotypical beliefs. Noise is pure.

I don't believe in this "noise not music" bullshit. I don't like to think of music having boundaries. It only has the boundaries you place on it, as does your creativity. Noise doesn't work outside the boundaries; it confirms that they don't exist.

There'll never be "fake noise." This isn't black metal, no one goes around shouting what's "true" and what isn't. When you get this underground, there's nothing to pretend for.

Philosophy over. Buy off me, trade with me, or get in touch if you've got material you'd like releasing. I can't promise anything, but I always reply.


Email: earearrecords[AT]live.co.uk
MySpace: myspace.com/earearrecords