Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Revived, Apologetic Ear Ear Records

I moved out last September. University and what not started to take up a lot of my time, and I didn't have the facilities that I had previously to run Ear Ear.

I can not apologise enough to the two guys I let down: Hostage Pageant and Generic Shit. These guys made some really awesome noise and I couldn't release it. Not just that, but I didn't put anything out saying that I needed to put Ear Ear on an indefinite hiatus. I wouldn't take any less than full responsibility and I am truly sorry.

But all this time away from releasing has made me miss it. It's made me miss running a label, and it's made me miss noise. Everything in that first post on this blog still applies to how I feel about this culture (I refrain from calling it a "scene").

So I'm gonna revive Ear Ear and crack on with releasing. I'll be receiving copies of Extinction Vol. 4 by Zebra Mu, which has largely been overseen by Quagga Curious Sounds but is a co-release between the two of us. I can't take much credit, and it's strikingly obvious who's done the most work when you see the artwork.

Here's to keeping things alive, supporting noise, and hopefully being able to get some vinyl releases out as some point. Let's fucking do this.


PS. I have a bunch of floppy disks waiting to be used. Anyone with some lo-fi noise, let me know, these floppies need some data.